How to Water a Closed Terrarium

How to water a closed terrarium is the most frequently asked question we get asked. It is definitely the biggest nurturing problem for new owners of a terrarium, but not only. Here we will guide you through the aspects of watering your ecosystem. 
The most important information here to remember it that your closed terrarium is an ecosystem that goes through a water cycle process. It means that once you water your terrarium at the beginning, it shouldn't be watered again. There are however few exceptions on this, which we will cover below. 
Excessive watering of your terrarium is one of the common mistakes. Overwatering your plants in a glass container can lead to root rot as the excess water cannot drain out as it does with house plants. Sadly, there is no straightforward answer as to how much to water plants inside the glass vessel as it depends on few factors such as the amount of soil, amount of plants, container size, and few others. 
Closed terrariums are well known to be low maintenance. This is because once you water them, they should not require another watering. Plants will drink the water from the soil and after using what they need they will release excess water which will condense on the walls of the jar and drip back down into the soil. The cycle then starts again. 
How do I know when my terrarium needs watering? 
Even though closed terrariums are self-sustaining ecosystems, they may need to be watered occasionally. Moss can be a great indicator that your terrarium may need watering, as it will slowly change its green colour and start yellowing. You should also keep an eye on the soil as if there is not enough water substrate will shrink and change its volume.  Another sign that your terrarium needs a drink is when you notice that leaves on your plants are getting crispy, yellowing or they start to wilt. In addition, if you don't notice any droplets of water on the container then it is time to water your terrarium. 
What type of water to use?
We always recommend using distilled water. Tap water contains chlorine and salt, they will make no harm to plants however they can leave white streaks on your glass vessel over time, which will not look good. 
I watered my terrarium too much, what should I do now?
It can happen to any of us. If you water your plants inside a closed container you can still rescue them. In such a situation, you should not put the lid back on and instead leave your terrarium open until excess water evaporates.
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*Image from Pexels