Corporate Terrarium Workshops

Unleash the Magic of Nature

Dive into a world of lush greenery and creativity with our fabulous Corporate Terrarium Workshops. Imagine a room filled with laughter, the scent of fresh moss, and the clinking of glass jars as your team crafts their own miniature gardens. It’s not just a workshop; it’s an enchanting experience.

What are Corporate Terrarium Workshops?

Terrarium workshops are the perfect antidote to a busy corporate life. During the terrarium workshops teams come together to create beautiful terrariums. These glass containers tropical plants and mimic a natural environment. The workshops are not only fun but also serve as a zen activity that can help in reducing stress and promoting a positive work environment.

What's Included in the workshop?

Our corporate terrarium workshops include:

  • All standard supplies such as base layer, substrate, charcoal, and decorative materials.

  • Beautiful tropical plants and moss to make your terrarium come alive.

  • A glass jar that’s not just a container but a canvas for creativity.

  • Special terrarium tools to assist in building your masterpiece.

  • Lifelong terrarium skills – yes, they’ll want to do this again!

  • Participants can bring their own decorative materials to add to their terrarium.

Why Choose Our Corporate Terrarium Workshops?

  • Team Bonding Like Never Before: Crafting terrariums together builds bonds and fosters teamwork.

  • Stress-Be-Gone: The therapeutic process of terrarium making is known to reduce stress.

  • A Green Thumb Isn’t Required: Our experts will guide even the most botanically challenged through the steps.

  • Take Home More Than a Terrarium: It’s not just a plant in a jar; it’s a memory, an accomplishment, and a piece of art.

Contact us to book a corporate terrarium workshops for your team. It’s time to let the magic of nature and creativity take over.