Low-care plants for a closed terrarium


A terrarium is perfect when you want to bring nature into your house. It makes a great decorative element inside your home and your garden in a bottle will surely delight your guests. It is perfect for those with busy lifestyles as terrariums require little to no maintenance. 

To create a terrarium, you do not need a lot of elements. All you need is a container, soil, activated charcoal, clay pebbles, plants, and optional decorative elements. 

Before you start making your terrarium it is important to decide what type of terrarium you are going to build, whether it will be in an open or closed container. Once you decide on this, you can then choose the type of plants you want inside your new glass vessel, as not every plant will be suitable for your project. 

Choosing plants, especially for beginners can be a little bit difficult. After all, there are so many plants to choose from but not all are suitable for a sealed terrarium. 

So what are easy-to-maintain plants for a closed terrarium? Below we present our top 6 plants that are great for your terrarium garden at the beginning.

1. Fern

2. Fittonia, also known as Nerve Plant

3. Ivy

4. Syngonium

5. Parlour Palm

6. Cryptanthus Earth Star



Tip: When choosing the plants, make sure you buy plants that are the correct size and will fit inside your container. 

You can't go wrong with the above plants and remember that you can mix them, so why not create a lovely closed terrarium with fern and colourful Fittonias, or perhaps Parlour Palm with Ivy and red Nerve Plant? 

If you are still unsure about the choice of plants, check our DIY Terrariums selection or drop us a message.

Happy Terrariuming!