DIY Terrarium kit - an excellent gift

The city is a place of constant search for nature with the concrete surrounding us. To bring nature closer to us we fill our shelves and windowsills with live plants. When we bring them into our homes, we look after them watching for new leaves to emerge, but then when we get busy with our lives we forget to water our plants once, twice and so on. With live plants it’s important to look after them, which can be a struggle for some of us. With busy lives we tend to forget about our plants and often when we go away on holiday we find them in a poor state upon our return. Do you know that feeling? As much as plants bring us happiness, boost moods and reduce stress, the problem with them is that they need to be watered, pruned, and repotted to help them flourish. It can be difficult for those who don't have a green thumb or lack time.

We don’t only buy plants for ourselves. It’s also popular to give them as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming parties, Christmas or any other occasion. It would be nice to give something original and slightly different to what we always give to our friends and family, don’t you agree?

DIY Christmas Gift - Terrarium


Great news is that we have a solution for you.

No, don’t worry we won’t offer you artificial plants to buy for your loved ones. That would be too easy. Instead, we’d like to introduce you to closed terrariums.

What is a closed terrariums, will you ask? The concept of a garden in a bottle is an intriguing one that has been around for quite some time. The idea is to create a small, self-contained ecosystem that will provide the habitat necessary for plants to grow. Once you water your terrarium you shouldn’t water it just like other plants. This makes these miniature gardens perfect gifts for family or friends or are great teaching tools for children. They also make a unique gift.

Why DIY terrarium kit is a great gift?

As mentioned, terrarium kits are a great gift for a variety of occasions. All DIY kits come with everything needed to create a gorgeous terrarium. This includes the container, soil, plants, mosses, decorative stones, pebbles and more. In addition, inside each kit you can also find a printed step by step guide on how to make a terrarium, as well as tips for maintenance.

A DIY terrarium kit makes the perfect gift for the nature-loving person in your life. It's a fun and creative project that is easy to put together and will be treasured for years to come by any plant lover. 

If you're feeling crafty and want to give someone a meaningful gift, make them a terrarium. It'll be something they'll remember more than anything else.

We have everything you need to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. From small to big terrariums, we offer varieties of products that will suit any budget. Browse our selection of DIY Terrarium Kits.


DIY Terrarium Kit