The Christmas season is right around the corner and if you haven't bought your loved ones a gift yet, take a look at our terrariums! We've got a great selection to choose from; from DIY Terrariums, moss frames, baby plants to gorgeous ready-made terrariums. Something for every plant-lover in the family!

Pre-order your gift now.

Option to pre-order your terrarium kit is now available. 

How can you let us know that you'd like your order to be delivered closer to Christmas?

Add the products to the cart. On the checkout page, in the postage section, you can select ‘Christmas delivery’.  

When your kit with plants arrives

We recommend unboxing your kit as soon as possible so that your plants can get some light and fresh air. Water the plants when needed and place them in indirect light, away from any heat sources. You can wrap them again just before Christmas.