Ready-made terrariums - London delivery/collection

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This collection of terrariums is currently available for collection from our studio in London (N22), or a delivery to selected postcodes in London. View more on the delivery information here

Delve into the lushness of nature with our handcrafted collection of ready-made terrariums. Each one is a tiny world of greenery, lovingly put together to bring a dash of nature's magic into your home or office. With a variety of little landscapes, these terrariums are more than just plants in a jar—they're a snapshot of the great outdoors, meticulously designed with living plants and soft moss.

Imagine these as more than decorations; they are small havens, hand-crafted with care, ready to add a slice of peaceful nature to your daily life. They're perfect for gifting or simply to treat yourself to a moment of zen.

The best part? Our terrariums come fully assembled. There's no fuss for you—just place them where you'd like and let the calm of nature do the rest.

21 products
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